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I translate:

German into spanish

English into spanish

Portuguese into spanish


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My areas of expertise:

Menus, cookbooks, cooking courses, recipes, goods catalogs, magazines, etc.
Clothes descriptions, blog entries, cosmetics and perfumes catalogs, etc.

Tour guide texts, texts for tourism websites, surf lodges, etc.
Flyers, newsletters, brochures, etc.

Installation and user manuals for home appliances and beauty appliances, poultry and swine production equipment, automotive, etc.
Power point presentations, selling technics manuals for employees, reports, training materials, etc.

Catalogs, advertising materials, creative writing, etc.
Learning materials, etc.

Media kits, blog entries, content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

If the text you want to translate does not fit in any of these categories please contact me anyway. I will evaluate if the text is within my expertise.


Each project is different. That’s why the rates are always personalized according to the specifics of the project (volume, delivery date, topic, files format, etc). For a more detailed quote please contact me using this contact form.

Other language pairs:

I work with other colleagues, so I’m able to offer you translations in the following combinations too:

  • Spanish into portuguese
  • English into portuguese
  • Portuguese into english

In case you don’t find what you are looking for, I will be glad to help you find the translator you need.