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My name is Verónica and I'm a native Spanish professional translator based in Portugal. I translate German, English and Portuguese into Spanish. And I am lucky enough to do it a few meters away from the beach.

I have been working as a professional translator since 2011, and I work with translation agencies and direct clients.


Food and books have always been a fundamental part of my life. My mother has worked as a cook the majority of her life, so I was introduced to cooking at an early age, and haven’t stopped doing it since. I love to collect cooking books (and magazines), and I am always searching for the newest publications. In fact, I was so much into “print goods” that I attended a Master’s Degree in Publishing Studies which gave me the opportunity to internship in two Publishing Houses and a Literary Agency.

These are some of the reasons I am specializing in

culinary translation.

But I translate in other fields as well!

The fields I work in are based on my professional experience, personal interest and qualifications.

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Random facts about me:

I was born in Germany

I worked as a Content/Community Manager

– I also worked as a waitress

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day

And also…

I have a crazy and lovely dog


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